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The main objective of the project is to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of the aquaTest-MO product, developed by the following technological companies.

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Since the 1980s, Adasa keeps driving innovation in water & environment technologies. Worldwide successful experiences place Adasa at the forefront of the sector, providing an intense technical specialisation and a strong water & environment expertise.

Adasa supports an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to water resources management and leads its activities to achieve the environment protection. Adasa pursues technological excellence to be the driving for assisting public and private organisations in the development of their activities, the improvement of their service efficiency, ensuring resources optimization and reducing operational costs.

Through its branch offices, Adasa is present in Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and North Africa. –

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A small private non-profit making organization.

Its activities encompass a training centre for environmental protection, focusing on water and wastewater management. GFW supports European integration by promoting new technologies, harmonizing standards and exchanging experience.

GFW also runs 5 nets of inter laboratory testing schemes in the range of water microbiology, food microbiology, sewage chemical analyses, water physicochemical analyses and for waste water sampling.

GFW undertakes activities designed towards water-saving as well as other activities in the field of ecological education to disseminate information about new technologies and standards as well as exchanging experience and information in the field of water management.

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A small private commercial organization.

The company offers assistance in preparation of all kind of environmental documentations, consultancy services, R&D engineering. Company deals with environmental projects taking into account that challenges require innovative approach for improved environmental quality.

DOT-EKO is a specialist of the Polish market. Its areas of competence are municipal and private water and wastewater treatment companies, private businesses, industry, communities.

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A specialized body of Romanian Water Association (RWA).

Has the mission to provide training and expertise, in a continuous learning process, in order to ensure a high level of professional knowledge and practical abilities of the personnel working in the water public services sector.

Fundatia CFPPDA key areas of activity are: demonstration and research (promoting and supporting pilot and demonstrative projects, carrying out applied research projects), information and communication (newsletters, magazine, and events like conferences, seminars and study tours, dissemination of best practices), education (courses, workshops, training on the job, technicalpublications for dissemination).

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A  large  private  commercial  organization.

Specialized  in  engineering,  research  and development of new products for a wide range of sectors. IDNEO offers its skills and facilities to other companies, from conceiving design to turnkey product delivery, to end customer.

The company is already working in areas such as: consumer electronics, industrial, environment & renewable energies, transportability & electrical vehicles, and medical devices.