In order to guarantee the long term availability of the natural resource, achieving water protection and its sustainable use, aquaTest-MO has been developed. It automatically makes continuous measurements of physical-chemical and organic matter parameters, integrating the measurement of these parameters into one single unit.

The combination of these measurements provides the necessary information for diagnosing the origin and causes of alterations in the medium. It is very useful for assessing the water quality and the detection and characterisation of effluents, sewers and treatment plant operation.

Noteworthy Characteristics

  • Measurement of physical-chemical and organic matter parameters.
  • Automatic cleaning system that allows long periods of autonomy.
  • Possible expansion of measurements.
  • Organic matter, which can be correlated to BOD, COD and TOC.
  • Flexible parameterisation.
  • Unique unit based on LED technology.
  • Capable of managing the capture system.

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