• WP 1


Overall management and co-ordination of the project

Carried out by the Coordinator (ADASA).

  • WP 2

    Product Engineering

Compilation of product requirements and technical specifications

Additional activity to retrieve the feedback from other work packages and translate it to final product specifications.

  • WP 3

    Product Installation and Commissioning

Planning, preparation and implementation of case studies at the end user's water treatment plants in the selected sites in Poland and Romania.

Installation of the product ,commissioning and training.

Definition of monitoring plan in order to evaluate the real performance of the product in the different sites.

KPIs will be defined

  • WP 4

    Monitoring Product Operation and Impacts Assessment

WWTP water quality monitoring and performance assessment

Analysis of the product feedback from the users, and conclusions for final product engineering.

  • WP 5

    Exploitation and Business Plan

Pre-commercialization of WWQM

Comprehensive market analysis and market studies.

Preparation of business plan

  • WP 6

    Dissemination activities

Creation of a website, participation in fairs and conferences, one workshop organisation

Large campaign to inform public and authorities

Articles for specialized magazines or press papers